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February 20, 2013



Wow! The room looks awesome. Your attention to detail and your blessed creative talent shine through! You have a very lucky son.
P.S. The drum heads are a great touch.

Diana Dellos

thank you! : ) It was very fun.

Beth Pingry

Super Cool Diana!


This is a-mazing! i can't believe you made the headboard. you are THE coolest mum!

Judy Hayes

So awesome!!! Very creative! What a lucky young man to have that room!


Absolutely AWESOME Diana! You and your sister are so creative.
It's just amazing reading about all the work and details you put inti this!!!!

Laura Mocko

Absolutely Amazing. You have always been so creative. The room looks awesome!


this is so perfect! I'm a 15 year old girl, and I've been redoing my room for the past few months. I painted it red and got the curtains and the whole black and red thing, but I could not for the life of me, find a headboard that fit the 'rock and roll' theme well enough. I was searching up diy headboards because I'd rather not spend a fortune, and I found this. The Beatles are my all time favorite band ever and they literally make my life. <3 This is perfect and I'm thinking I'll try it! Thanks so much for the awesome tutorial!

Diana Dellos

so glad you liked it, Maysie! Go for it! : ) Hope you have fun!

Edy Jepson

Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful creation!! I am going to attempt to make the headboard but instead of making it for the head of the bed, I want to place a larger one along the length of the bed which is against the wall of my son's room. He's very musical and I want to surprise him when he gets home from college. Do you think it can work given the size it will be? Unlike you, I am not artistic and would love to know how you painted the ridges on the record so perfectly! I know the first step is painting it all black. Did you use the satin finish? What kind of white paint did you use for the highlights? I'm also wondering if it can be painted directly on the wall and have a similar effect?
Again, thank you so much for posting and for your help!!!

Diana Dellos

Sorry for my delayed response, Edy! I think you could alter it to be any size you need. If it's a shorter height, for a footboard, you may not be able to get as much of the center label on it, but that's okay. I did use a satin finish black paint, but any is fine because I sealed the whole thing with a semi-gloss finish at the end. For the white paint, I just used white craft paint. If you're uncomfortable doing the white lines free-hand, you could always make a template with poster board pieces, then trace them onto the black. Yes, you could paint it directly onto the wall. My only hesitation is that after all that work, you might want to make it portable. I remember painting a huge wold map mural on my boys' bedroom wall when they were little and we moved a year later. I was wishing I would have done it on canvas or wood so I could take it with us : ) Best of luck!

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